What Makes A Great Discovery Science Toy?

A discovery science toy is not just a toy but an opportunity to provide the recipient of your gift with a fun and educational experience. Discovery science toys allow the user to explore an aspect of science through experimentation whether that be Biology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Ecology and more… The main aim of a toy designed for discovering science is to be fun and interesting whilst being educational. So, when researching what to buy you need to look for a balance between fun and educational. Fortunately there are a large number of products on the market produced by a variety of manufacturers all designed to be great discovery science toys.Science kits make one of the best choices since they often contain all the resources required to carry out multiple experiments numerous times. Be Amazing make a great range covering general science such as the ‘Big Bag of Science’ with over 70 experiments or ‘Test Tube Adventures’ covering a variety of chemical reactions in test-tubes. The convenient thing with these kits is that you can usually store all of the equipment in the storage bag or box they came in, making clean up for kids a breeze. Scientific Explorer make a good range for boys and girls covering interesting aspects such as spa science and perfumery especially for girls and mind-blowing, disgusting and fizzy foam science kits for girls and boys.Thames and Kosmos manufacture a fantastic range of kits covering many areas of environmental science in particular alternative energy. They also have discovery kits that look at colours, weather, navigation and time. If you looking for a general science kit to cover a variety of topics then you cannot go wrong with their ‘milestones’ or ‘fundamentals of science’ kits.Features to look for:
– All equipment provided in kits (except common household items)
– Easy to understand, clearly written step-by-step instructions with diagrams
– Parent guides to assist with supporting learning and answering questions
– Variety of experiments
– Fun topics, exciting investigations
– Ability for experiments to be repeated
– Age appropriate activities
– Durable equipment
– Convenient storage solution
– Compatible with school science curriculum
– Useful for science fair projectsDiscovery science does not just cover toys but can be books too and science equipment. Options to consider include microscopes, telescopes, planetariums, terrariums, space toys, books about individual topics, books full of experiments, 4D models (anatomy, animals and cells by Tedco for example), science encyclopaedias, ant farms, electronics and technology kits.Remember: a great discovery science toy will make science fun and interesting for scientists young and old, and they make great novelty gifts for adults too!